Record a Catch

Recording Rat Catches on Trap.NZ

When you had your trap box delivered to your house, you should have been given a demo on how to log catches using the TrapNZ app. For every trap we deploy, we invite you to our TrapNZ group. If you don't have a invite/login to TrapNZ, please get in touch with us.

Either log rat catches directly to the TrapNZ website or to make it really
easy you can download the TrapNZ app on your smartphone

Option 1: TrapNZ app

  1. Go to ‘My projects’

  2. Click 'Predator Free Featherston - Backyard Trapping'

  3. Enlarge map to find your trap, either with fingers or + left on screen

  4. Click on your trap

  5. Fill in required fields

  6. Press & hold “save”, bottom left on screen.

Option 2: TrapNZ Website

  1. Search for ‘Trap NZ’ website or press Control (on your keyboard) and click the link:

  2. Click ‘Log in’ top right of page

  3. Once logged in, Go to ‘My projects’

  4. Click 'Predator Free Featherston - Backyard Trapping'

  5. Zoom in on map image to find your trap, by clicking + top left of map

  6. Click on your trap

  7. Click “add a new trap record” the green button on the right hand side

  8. Fill in the relevant fields & click save, green button bottom of page

Option 3: Google Forms

But if you have issues with the TrapNZ process, you can submit your catch information via this google form:

You can only log one catch at a time, so you have to make a separate entry for every

If you have any issues with this, please contact our coordinator with your catch details.

Our email is or you can send us a message on our Facebook page.