About Predator Free Paetūmōkai Featherston

Our vision for Predator Free Featherston is to protect native species and to see their populations flourish in our lifetimes. Ultimately we want Featherston to become predator-free with thriving native wildlife in our neighbourhoods, local parks and reserves, farmland and bush areas.

This will also mean no rats scavenging from compost bins, more birds nesting, no more pesky possums eating garden plants, fruit trees and native bush, and more birdsong from a wider variety of birds. Predator Free Featherston will cover Featherston and the surrounding areas

Our Objectives:

  • Have a trap in one of every two households by 2025

  • Target ferrets, stoats, weasels, rats and feral cats. These are some of our major predators

  • Focus on the urban fringe of the Featherston, from the foothills of the Remutaka Ranges to the Tarauras, and along the Tauwharenīkau River, as well as rural areas in between

  • Contribute to the wider Predator Free Wairarapa in conjunction with Wairarapa Pūkaha to Kawakawa Alliance

  • Collaborate with local and central government, other conservation groups, residents and landowners